Michelle Allison

Wood Turned Art

Visually Stunning and

Boldly Unexpected

      Created and lathe turned from cast off log sections of eastern Connecticut hardwoods, these visually intense works will both delight and mystify you.            

      The vessel surface, color saurated yet transparent, is finished with a high build clear coat to provide a unique visual depth and reflection of light.


      Light in weight and warm to the touch, at first glance, these vessel forms are typically presumed to be glass or metal.


      Created from wood, a raw material with unique visual and natural features, each time you view them the interplay of light, form and structure reveal new and exciting details.

Michelle Allison: Wood Turned Art  638 Browns Road, Storrs Mansfield CT 06268

MichelleAllison.us  michelle@michelleallison.us  phone or text: (860) 933-5072

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